In the fast-paced world of League of Legends, making the right choices when it comes to champions, items, and maps can be the key to victory. That's where Tier List Templates come into play, and they're your secret weapon for conquering the Rift. Share Tier Lists with your friends or create them for your own.

Table of Contents

  1. What Are Tier List Templates?
  2. Why Our Templates Are a Game-Changer:
  3. How to Harness the Power of Tier List Templates:
  4. Tier List Templates
    1. Tier List Template: Champions
    2. Tier List Template: Maps
    3. Tier List Template: Items

What Are Tier List Templates?

Tier List Templates are pre-designed ranking lists that empower players to sort champions, items, or maps based on their popularity and effectiveness. Created by seasoned players and experts, these templates offer valuable insights into the ever-evolving meta of the game.

Why Our Templates Are a Game-Changer:

How to Harness the Power of Tier List Templates:

Visit our web app and select the template you need - or create your own one. Free and online in your browser.

Customize your selections according to your preferences, based on the Tier List rankings.

Utilize these invaluable insights to fine-tune your gameplay and rise to success in League of Legends.

Our Tier List Templates are an indispensable tool for every dedicated League of Legends player. They provide an efficient way to make in-game decisions and elevate your skills to a whole new level.

Unlock your potential and dominate the Rift with League of Legends Tier List Templates – the ultimate strategy to triumph in the world's most popular online battle arena!

Tier List Templates

Champions Template

>> Use the template with all 165 champions here

Maps Template

>> Select from all the maps of all time

Items Template

>> Create a Tier List with the Items Template here